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Introducing: the Mara cheetahs

It has been a fantastic month for cheetah sightings in the Mara! Guides, guests and staff alike are very excited by this as only last year we thought ourselves very lucky to glimpse a cheetah.

Now we have Malaika and her cub who was born around April/May. It was thought she started with six cubs, but by June she only had two and then sadly in July she lost another one to a hyena. Another female - Narasha, with two cubs around 3-4  months old, is usually seen hanging out in the Olare Orok Conservancy so we are happy to have her around. Then there is another female near Look-out Hill with four cubs which are also around 3-4 months old. She is obviously a very smart mum as there are not that many other predators down there. Honey’s boys are still cruising around the region most of the time and are often seen near the camp. Then we have what the guides reckon as three of Shingu’s cubs - a coalition of three males (if you remember she had six cubs last year). And to top it off an unknown female is pregnant! It’s hard to keep up with them all. Now we are just hoping the mums can safely rear all their cubs and right now it is the best time with plenty of food around.

The Wildebeest are headed back in their thousands to Tanzania already. But we also have reports that huge herds have crossed into the Serengeti and are now crossing back into the Mara - typical wildebeest fashion. They have been particularly unpredictable this year - coming late (end July) and already heading back…

After the Kenyan weather department had predicted a mini El Nino for us the weather has been scorching without a cloud in the sky. We're all about ready to jump into the river with George the hippo! Luckily we had so much unseasonal rain in August and earlier in the month that there is still plenty of grass to go around for the Plains game and other grazers.

One of the highlights this month was the appearance of a Southern ground-hornbill! This funny looking bird - the largest of the hornbills - took up residence in camp near the deck. Every morning it wakes up the camp with a loud and reverberating booming call. Just one of the many reasons we count our blessings to be working out in the bush!

Our best Salaams,

Clea, Con, Mariana & the Rekero Team

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Introducing: the Mara cheetahs