The migration has begun!

After patiently waiting (and not so patiently waiting in some cases!) the wildebeest have now finally arrived in the Mara. Throughout June and early July we scanned the horizon daily and waited for news from our sister camps in the Northern Serengeti. The end of July saw the migration arrive in force, with some impressive herds making their way over the rise on the opposite side of the river.

At night guests are put to sleep by the constant drone of thousands of wildebeest contemplating crossing the Talek river in front of the camp. Whilst the migration arrived later than last year, this will hopefully mean they might stay longer with us - even until late November.

The arrival of the beasties has meant a breath of relief for the big cats in the area; now they can begin to feast. The Rekero Pride have now moved back into the area and are claiming their ambush spots… so we are in for an exciting season again! Sadly Malaika lost one of her cubs to some hyena around mid-July. Luckily the other cub is doing well and Malaika has been successfully hunting wildebeest.

Our new mess is now fully functional and has one of the best views down the river. What better way to spend the afternoon than with a cold drink in hand and watching the wildebeest cross the river?

So come and join us!

Salaams from
Clea, Con, Mariana & the Rekero team

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Our new mess deck