Rekero & Naboisho Habari

Happy New Year from Naboisho!

Happy New Year to all; our wish is that 2013 will be filled with happiness, laughter, great memories and many beautiful safaris, to enrich life even more!

In 2012 Naboisho Camp moved from strength to strength with our hands-on involvement in our local communities, wildlife conservation and offering a superb, balanced safari experience to our visitors, to both new and old friends alike. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our camp, and to share this wonderful nature and cultural experience with you all.

With the spirit of the festive season in mind, 33 children and 6 women from our local Masai village received gift hampers filled with goodies that our guest donated throughout the year. Clothes, stationary, books, and of course – toys and sweeties for the kids! They really appreciated this gesture and one could see the gratitude and joy through the expressions on their faces. For most of them, this was the first time in their lives, that they received a Christmas gift of this nature. What a pleasure to be part of this, and a huge thank you to each and every guest that made this possible! For sure a highlight of the year - let’s make an even bigger contribution in 2013!

December also brought extremely heavy rains, after the very dry conditions in November, the conservancy turned lush green, and water courses started flowing and turned into raging water masses as the rains swept over the woodlands and open plains. Many baby animals started appearing - impalas, warthogs, topis, hartebeest, gazelles, lion cubs, giraffes… - even the wildebeest calved inside the conservancy which is a change from their traditional calving grounds on the Loita Plains! The single martial eagle chick also left the nest during the month hopefully playing its part in further strengthening struggling raptor numbers in the Mara ecosystem.

The scenery has been truly amazing, with lush green bush contrasting with dark, deep purple, black brewing rain clouds as a backdrop… truly magical, and heaven for any nature artists and photographers. As I am typing this we are still experiencing daily heavy rains, so important, for a landscape normally deprived of any water, all living things really blessed with abundance.

The number of lions from the Enesikiria pride directly around camp is now at 17! The newest arrivals are 2 small cubs from a beautiful lioness called Sero. We saw them for the first time crossing the open plains behind camp; they could hardly keep up with their mother when she moved her new babies from the southwest ridge behind camp into the drainage line directly in front of camp, we're glad to report that they are both still alive and going strong. Every night in December, without fail, these lions were roaring close and sometimes even inside the camp. What a privilege to experience this while in your tent or while having dinner.

All this indicates a really exciting 2013 safari year ahead and we hope to welcome many more visitors who will experience the beauty of the Mara Naboisho Conservancy and each and every one contributing to a successful community conservation strategy! 

Warm safari regards!

Roelof, Helen & the Naboisho team

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Photo courtesy © Roelof Schutte, 2012

Together with the local community we can make a differencePhoto by Roelof Schutte, 2012