Rekero & Naboisho Habari

Busy times at Naboisho!

October, in the Mara Naboisho Conservancy, was action packed with wonderful experiences, memories and adventures for each and every guest that visited Naboisho Camp. The hot, dry weather, with wildlife concentrating around water sources, and the arrival of so many new born babies towards the end of the month made for excellent wildlife viewing. Topi, hartebeest, impala, warthogs and gazelle all started to give birth during October, with jackal, spotted hyena, cheetah, lions and even martial eagles taking part in the rich and easy pickings, hunting at will and revelling in the times of plenty for the predators.

One particular sighting felt like a scene out of a documentary: a male and female leopard were trapped in a tree by a troop of baboons. The baboons mocked them with barks and mock charges, boldly going after them into the same tree! Concentrating on the leopard, the baboons did not notice the arrival of a young male and female lion – which then trapped the baboons in the tree with the two leopards! Needless to say, the baboons had some unplanned bowl movements… and went very quiet very quickly! To cap it all, a herd of elephants appeared on the scene, coming to check out all the commotion. Surely a highlight of the year! Talking about leopards, as you might have already seen on our Facebook page, Anita Mishra, one of our guests who stayed at the camp for five days, had 8 sightings of 6 different leopards! Truly remarkable, especially for a young conservancy!

Walking has been really exciting lately! We witnessed a breeding pair of martial eagles, feeding their young ones various kinds of prey. This magnificent, large and powerful eagle had us in awe as it soared above our heads each morning on the walks. Then there were the big cats. During one week we saw lions on foot every single day! Most of the time these were really nice, relaxed sightings, but some were slightly more hair raising encounters, featuring some growling to let us know that we kindly needed to go away… we obeyed. Some lucky guests also saw a male cheetah on a walk – relaxing in the shade of a wild date tree. We watched him rolling and grooming for almost 15 minutes, before leaving him in peace to enjoy the rest of his day.

Our new arrivals: two unknown adult male lions made their appearance close to camp, one of them a magnificent specimen with a big dark mane, see the picture below taken by our guide Wilson Mpooya. It is believed that they are from the Motorogi Conservancy and we are hoping that they won’t cause too much trouble during their visit… like when they walked straight through the middle of camp one night, roaring their lungs out!

The school that we are supporting, Ole Seri Primary School, will be benefiting from donations from our guests soon. After a meeting with the school headmaster, Mr. Robert Oyugo, they identified a need for extra school benches for the children. Naboisho Camp will order the material, and construction of the benches will start in the new month. We will keep you up to date on the project.

In the past month the new Mara Naboisho Conservancy website launched. Have a look at

The rains have started already. The bush is turning lovely green, and everything is fresh, clean and beautiful. Until next time!

Bush Regards,
Roelof, Helen & the Naboisho team

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The two unknown adult male lions close to our camp, one of them a magnificent specimen with a big dark mane. Photo credits: guide Wilson Mpooy