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This month our colleague Sush Thakar reports from the Mara. Sush was born and brought up in Kenya and has been involved in the safari industry for years. He is Asilia’s Operations Manager based out of Nairobi. If we need anything, Sush is our man! When we took November off Sush jumped at the chance to get out of the city and into the bush to run Rekero together with Mariana (Assistant Camp Manager). Here are his recollections of a month in our camp… Enjoy!

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Tales from caretaking Rekero

November was an amazing and action packed month at Rekero Camp! The first week saw lots of rain and angry thunderstorms making for amazing skies and colours… a photographer’s dream, and we had lots of photographers during the first week to ten days; all of them coming back with amazing photographs of wildlife and landscape.

The torrential rain did bring challenges with it though, and made for some interesting game drives. We had to change airstrips frequently as the Talek River was uncrossable, our game drive vehicles were coming back with new paint jobs… brown – covered in mud from the tyres to the roof but our guests enjoyed the sliding and skidding around which was a first for many and the stories all came out around the dinner table and camp fire. The wellington boots and umbrellas in the guest tents were put to good use!

For the rest of November the sun shone and dried up most of the roads, and thankfully the water levels in the Talek River came down allowing us to cross it and use our normal airstrip. There were still plenty of wildebeest around and guests were fortunate to witness crossings of approximately 2,500 to 3,000 wildebeest and a few hundred zebra… all from the comfort of our mess tent! Wildlife viewing was incredible; the Rekero pride was very much around the camp throughout the month, their roars carrying on throughout the night made for a fantastic lullaby. The pride also killed a wildebeest 500 meters in front of camp and then a couple of days later they came down for a drink in front of camp and crossed to the other side of the river. A few days later they were spotted on the opposite bank directly in front of the mess tent, this made for some great photographs as the pride, with their sub-adult cubs, were out in the open as guests were enjoying their teas, coffees and cake prior to going out on their afternoon drives!

Bahati, the female leopard, was heard around tent no 9 one night, and the next day was seen by our rooms team and then she disappeared… only to be heard again the next night… the following evening, Bahati was spotted in camp at around 18h45; she was relaxed and was patrolling her territory following the same path as she always does. It was incredible to watch her and follow her up towards the staff area… she was seen early the following morning leaving the staff area and walking through the car park and towards tent no 9 – our guests were fortunate enough to be at the right place at the right time. They had Bahati all to themselves as they were leaving camp for their early morning game drive. That same morning, our guests were extremely fortunate to witness ‘Golden Balls’ - a very big male leopard - mating with ‘Olive’ – we had Africa ‘first timers’ from Canada in camp – and they witnessed this mating, Bahati in camp, Notch and his boys, Malaika (cheetah) all in their 3 nights with us!

Every day brings new experiences for our guests; and no two days at Rekero are ever the same. I have had a wonderful month at Rekero and cannot believe the time has flown by so quickly. It was sad to say my goodbyes to the Rekero Camp team and Mariana, an amazing team whom I have a lot of respect for and whom I miss very much! But I must get back to the Nairobi Operations Office so I am handing back Rekero to the good hands of Clea and Conway... Welcome back!

Greetings from the Mara,

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Photo courtesy © Stephan Brauchli, 2012 

The misty Mara