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Alain Briot  May 2011 Newsletter

1- New Book Pre-Order Opportunity:
It is not too late to pre-order my new book, Marketing Fine Art Photography.  It is now available for Pre-Order now at this link:
The release date is approaching quickly!  You will enjoy reading this book even if you are not selling your work because there is a lot in it that is not just about selling.  For example, Chapter 2 is a detailed definition of what is "Fine art photography."  Fine art photography is not just a name.  It is a fact that is defined by how you approach photography in regards to technical, artistic and marketing aspects.  How these three different aspects are approached is the subject of theentire chapter.

There's much more about fine art photography in the book: you can download the table of contents at this link:

2 - Workshops
We have had fantastic workshops this year, thanks to a combination of wonderful participants, great light and Natalie's planning skills.  We teach intensively during every workshop, we review your work, and we are here to answer every question you have and help you with any problem.  

During the workshops we take you to the finest locations at the best time, based on our many years (over 20) of experience photographing the Southwestern United States.  We also give presentations, lectures and demonstrations every day, conduct print reviews, and much more. 

You receive a workshop syllabus, a detailed workshop itinerary, a long list of skill enhancement exercises, handouts for each lecture and presentation, viewfinders, and more.  Come join us, you will love the way your photographs will improve during your workshop experience.

Here are our remaining workshop seats as of today:s
May Antelope Canyon Workshop: 2 seats available due to cancellations
June Northern Utah Workshop: 2 seats available

Zion, Bryce Canyon, Escalante and Capitol Reef Workshop: 4 seats

Joshua Tree Workshop: 5 seats for this one-time-opportunity (this workshop is only offered this year)

3 - Save $200 by registering Now for the Death Valley Fine Art Photography Summit 
Register  for the 2011 Summit in Death Valley National Park now and save $200. Only 2 seats are available at this price.  Here's the detailed description of this yearly event.  Our 2011 Guest speakers are Tony Sweet and Mark Nelson.  Tony will teach the unique techniques that he is known for and Mark will give presentations on Platinum Printing: 

The Summit field workshops are filling out particularly fast, so do act now to prevent disappointment later when these are sold out.
We have an exciting schedule waiting for you!

4 - Mastery Workshops on DVD special offer:
If attending a workshop is not practical, I am making several of my workshops available on DVD. These are called Alain's Mastery Workshops on DVD series. And, this month I have a special offer for these unique tutorials that cover as much (if not more) than we can teach during a workshop.  Plus, you can study anywhere you want, anytime you want, as many times as you want, and you don't have to travel. There's 4 different Mastery Workshops on DVD. All the details are at this link:

5 - May 2011 Tip of the Month:   Not teaching from the Book

It's always been upsetting to me to take a class from a teacher who did nothing else but teach from the book.  I've always thought "what's the point?   I can read the book myself!  Why take a class just to have him read his book to me?"

So when I decided to teach photography and publish books on photography I also decided that I would not teach the same things in my workshops and in my books.  Therefore, during workshops I teach things that I have not published in a book.

This is easy for me because I write new material all the time.  For example, right now I teach what I wrote this Winter and Spring.  This has not been published anywhere, certainly not in books (it takes 1 to 2 years for books to go from manuscript to bookshelves) not on the web either (I publish on 3 or more websites but all are behind 6 months to a year) and not in my Mastery DVD tutorials (each Mastery DVD takes over a year to create).

What does this mean? That by attending a workshop with Natalie and I you benefit from my latest teaching materials.   Some of it will never make it to book, web, or DVD.  Why?  Because this is material that I prefer to teach live, in person.  It works best in an interactive setting, and it's more exciting to teach it that way.

For example, right now we are using my "Personal Style evaluation Pyramid' during our workshops.  What this consists of is a personal evaluation of where you are at in regards to the development of your personal style.  The pyramid, which consists of 10 separate and very significant steps, allows you to know exactly where you stand.  After this evaluation you know what you have already done in regards to developing a personal style, where you are at now, and what you need to do next.  Think of it as a road map that will get you where you want to go.

This pyramid and evaluation are only conducted during our workshops.  I don't have them anywhere else.  Not on a podcast, not on a DVD, not in an essay, and definitely not in a book.

This is just one out of many examples of the unique materials we teach during the workshops. Join us for a workshop!  They are about one thing: your passion for photography. I know you will not be disappointed, but don't take my word for it, instead read the many many testimonials on my website:

6 - How to contact us:
Respond to this email or call us at 800-949-7983 (in the USA) and 928-252-2466 (Internationally).   We look forward to hearing from you.
Alain and Natalie Briot