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The Senior List Eldercare Directory is state of the art, offering search engine friendly listings, integration with social media and even video sharing!  Business owners can update a listing whenever they want, AND they can view analytics (clicks and leads) through our provider-dashboard.  We still have a free listing option, as well as 3 paid options to meet all of our provider budget/promotional considerations. Good news  for providers: We've reduced our prices to make it easier for you to advertise!  Click HERE to view your listing options. (See below for our newest promotions, and our listing guarantee program.)


Medical Alert Systems - The Top 10 Questions You Must Ask Before Buying  

Medical Alert Systems or Personal Emergency Response Systems are wonderful devices that allow aging adults the opportunity to remain in their homes (more safely), and stay as independent as possible. 

Keeping up with this new technology is difficult, and knowing the right questions to ask is even harder! Get more info HERE.

The Senior List Reviews Senior Friendly Mobile Phones 

Smart phones seem to be taking over the mobile world but many of these devices are more than one needs for simply making and receiving phone calls.
Many cell phone manufacturers are eyeing the lucrative market for senior friendly cell phones.  They''re simpler devices, less expensive to manufacture, and there''s a growing need as the "modern mobile phone" gets more and more complex.  Click here to view our review of 9 popular senior-friendly-cell-phone models on The Senior 

In the news

The Senior List has been hard at work publishing articles that might make a difference to in your life.  Whether you're a caregiver, an eldercare provider, or just an interested consumer... The Senior List has something for you!  One of our newest bloggers is Joanne Reynolds, an award winning journalist AND caregiving coach.  This month Joanne shared 2 very interesting pieces on caregiving.  The first, Caregiver Mentality Is Your Biggest Problem talks about the many issues the caregiver is facing, and how to cope. The second is Brown Bag Autopsy; Tracking the drugs your loved one is taking.  Ever "bagged up all of the medications your loved one is taking (prescription and OTC)?  Ever thought about drug interactions?  If this scares you too... Read the article and take action!

Downsizing to Community Living... What to bring with you!

Senior List Co-founder Amie Clark (Social Worker and president of The Senior Resource Network) wrote a great piece on downsizing for older adults.  She wrote up a nice guide for those that are considering moving into a community setting (like assisted living or an adult care home).
Deciding what to bring to a new home can be confusing and overwhelming.  Most of the time, the move to a care community means downsizing in every way.  Square footage, closet space, and outdoor living is greatly decreased compared to living at home.  So what things are important to bring to your new home?  What will you need (or not)?  Click the title above to see the entire list.
Amie recommends working with a professional organizer when it comes time to consider a move.  These professionals can help organize your belongings and help you decide what to keep, what to pass on, what to donate, and what to toss out.

Writers Wanted!

Do you have something interesting to say about senior-care issues?  Think you have what it takes to blog for The Senior List?  Well let's see your stuff!  You can add your articles to our directory at  Just click on the "articles" tab.  If you're a registered member, you can submit your articles for publication right on our directory (automatically). 

If you want consideration as a regular guest blogger on our homepage (like Joanne Reynolds- see above) and wish to have author credentials, please contact us and let us know what you have in mind.  The Senior List is all about empowering boomers and seniors to make great choices in eldercare!  If you want to help, we'd love to hear from you.



The Case For Ratings & Reviews on The Senior List

Why You Must Incorporate Ratings & Reviews Into Your Strategy Today
By Chris Clark- Co-Founder of The Senior

Did you Know:

*Forrester Research suggests that 96% of online retailers rank customer Ratings & Reviews as an effective or very effective tactic for driving conversions!

*In a study by Neilsen (a global research giant) they reveal that consumer recommendations were the most credible form of advertising among 78% of over 26,000 people polled!
Online reviews can get you noticed.  Here''s the best news for you... The overwhelming majority of ratings and reviews tend to be positive. 
Bazaarvoice (a global "social commerce" provider) reports that 88% of ALL of the product ratings received by their clients are positive!  We see even greater results on The Senior  Take actionable steps now.  First;  Make sure you have a listing on The Senior List.  Second;  Ask your "very satisfied" and "satisfied'' customers to provide a review of your business on The Senior List.  These simple steps can have a positive impact on your lead generation activities (both online and off-line).  Ratings & Reviews aren''t going away anytime soon.  If you embrace a proactive strategy today, you''ll be ahead of the game tomorrow.  Visit The Senior List today.
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